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Being Elitist Cockfags
We're back! After a 2 year hiatus, we're back on the airwaves! Look for show announcements here and listen in! http://rfr4life.serverroom.us:8182/listen.pls

Radio Free Rollover started as a test one night to see if Azrane could stream the beginning of "Ratatouille" from his computer. Well, it worked and that was the start of RFR. This little project has grown quite rapidly and now has weekly shows by 10 different DJs. You'll hear many different kinds of musical styles and themes. There's sure to be a little something for everyone.

Our DJ Line Up

Azrane- "RFR 4 Lyfe". Our creator, founder, leader, schedule maker, and resident Marathon Man. His show themes vary and while he has his favorites, there are few kinds of music he doesn't like. He holds the record for the longest show at 12 hours 41 minutes and 38 seconds. He has truly earned the name, Marathon Man. (Not currently back with us, but we're hoping to convince him >.> )

MephistoWolf- Smiling like an idiot, work sucks, music that makes you want to stab something...his themes vary and you are sure to get a laugh or a new incite to how ridiculous humanity can be sometimes. You'll not hear a lot of country or any of that new "rap" you crazy kids are into these days. Instead, please enjoy Trip Hop, Techno, Industrial, Speed Metal, Death Metal, Mash Ups, A Capella, Covers, and any strange, off kilter tunage that could very well make your ears bleed. He is also known to combine his show with neko_chan314. (Will hopefully be resuming his show in the near future)

neko_chan314- "Mudkip Radio". Insane and emo music will likely be heard on neko's shows. Don't be surprise if you get rickrolled >.> There are some exceptions, but you'll probably not hear any country or rap. Her standard rule for vetoing music is basically, if the song sucks, it gets nuked. "Um, expect nothing from me. I will hurt your brain."--neko

Tealsac- "Balls Out with Tealsac". He's got a growing collection of eclectic tunes which includes a good bit of rock, metal and some emo thrown in there too. Oh! and he has this roomate/cohost, Brendan. He loves the cock and has the angriest ass east of the Appalachians. Ask him about his Black Mamba at your own risk...and no, it's not a dance.

SenorRandom- "Hobo Radio". That's right ladies: he tastes like maple (or so I've heard), he smells like chocolate, coffee, and Guiness, he does a great impression of a moose...and he's taken. Sorry. Welcome to our dearest neighbor from the Great White North, eh?

geekrockgirl85- While she's not currently returning to RFR, she does have her own show on a local college station that is very awesome and well worth listening to. You can listen here: http://www.wxlvradio.com/player/ on Wednesdays from 12 to 3 pm eastern.

Our Staff

Elle- The station's very first listener and residential fangirl; Elle has been with us from the start and is in charge of the LJ community.

There ya have it, folks. Thats our line up and our little story.